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We're a platform that provides end-to-end travel, accommodation and expense capabilities for corporate users. For the first time in history companies will be able to determine the ROI of their travel and expenses spend, as well as strategically and dynamically execute (and monitor) a T&E plan across their entire business - all with just one app.An enterprise would buy our platform which easily plugs into their CRM system (Salesforce initially) providing value along several vectors:- Answers the question: “How much is this trip (and all associated costs) worth to our business?” - based on real data, measurable in currency- Give an enterprise a 360 degree view of their travel and expenses spend at any level, and from any context and side by side with their operational data.- Can be installed and setup in minutes, not weeks or months- Is a dream to use for system administrators, end-users and back office functions- Facilitates the creation, management and execution of super dynamic corporate policies e.g. "employee John is a junior member of the Sales Team, and even though people in this role usually have an individual expense limit of £20 per expense item, he is working on a huge deal which is close to closing and therefore we will allow his expense submission of £50 as it is associated with this mega deal"We are a group looking to disrupt an industry dominated by one major player. We will flip the whole model on its head, from the way travel and expense software is currently priced and sold, through to how it's installed and used. We are a young, diverse group and looking to break the mould in this industry!

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