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Cannabis Company.

We are a vibrant startup looking to establish an iconic brand! Our company serves as a wholesale distributor of marijuana in the great Denver area. The name of our company is "Bloss" (short for blossom). We are looking for a design to accompany our name as we are a newly established company moving at a very rapid pace. Our goal is to ultimately expand the company from a wholesale distributor to a consumer company in the near future. 

We are essentially looking for a logo that is elegant and bold but simplistic in nature. The logo must also be accompanied by an icon or symbol that subtly incorporates what we do as a company. Please WE ARE NOT looking for a logo with just a marijuana plant, we want our symbol to be 100% original and establish an iconic image. Our ultimate goal as a company is to establish an elegant and reputable brand in the marijuana industry - we want to be the Coca-Cola of soda but for cannabis. We want YOU to take a shot at making our logo and establish the next iconic brand for many years to come!

Hey! Attached below I have some sample pics of packaging from a company called Solstice Grown... Ideally my products and packaging would have such a style and pressnce

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3rd Floor, 1 Rajendra deb Road, Kolkata - 700007


91- 9641119459

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